Candles are the strongest and oldest way to reach the heavens. They work through merging your will and psychological goals with your spiritual framework (whatever it is!) Candles are powerful because they transform energy – you can see it in the process of burning. The flame is both visible and invisible. You are sending your spiritual request to whomever you believe in. Concentrate on the energy you want to transform and your wish coming true for the highest good of all involved. Make your requests for what your want, but be open to how they manifest. Whatever happens is for the best and is part of the process of sending you in the right direction.


OUR SPECIALTY IS PREPARING MAGICAL CANDLES FOR ANY PURPOSE. You can order one of our powerful candles by visiting our online store. We can ritually prepare a candle for any good purpose. In ordering a candle, send us one or two paragraphs about the issue (more love, money, healing, success a thank-you to the gods, along with any obstacles in your way and the astrological signs of everyone involved). We will then prepare a candle with glitter, oil, and carved magical seals from the book Candle Therapy®.

YOU CAN ALSO PREPARE THEM YOURSELF by choosing the right color (see FAQ for a color guide), writing in the wax, and applying oils as described in Candle Therapy®.

OR WE CAN BURN ONE FOR YOU. If you cannot have a candle burning in your house or would like us to burn it for you – we can. Send us all the information about your request. Again, although this can be very effective, I recommend having your own candle so you can strongly focus and constantly renew the candle’s energy in person.

Once you start your it, you don’t have to keep your candle lit all the time. It still works even when it’s out! The energy of your request starts working when you are formulating what you would like to happen (or writing us describing it). Your focus starts the magic going. Always burn all candles to the end, because what you want may be different by the end. See how the candle burns and what it says to you. For example, if the flame is laboring, this can be a hard request. Black soot can mean that the negativity is burning away (it’s a good sign, don’t worry). Thank whomever your believe in – thank-you’s are important. Visit our FAQ for more Candle Therapy® tips.  

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